Get Ready for Summer in Your Parkwood Home!

Hello, longer days and warmer temperatures! It feels like spring is in full swing, which means summer is just around the corner! That being said, it still gets pretty chilly overnight, so there is some stubborn frost in the ground that our construction team is keeping an eye on in order to accurately prepare for seasonal work. 

Once the last bit of frost has finally thawed out for the season, we will be able to start working with concrete! Grading, parging, and window well rock will follow only after concrete is poured; we encourage you to be mindful of drainage, ensuring water flows away from your home, to avoid any pooling that could cause grading delays.    

NOTE: Please be advised that once spring and summer work gets started, there will be a three-day delay following each rain day to ensure enough drying has occurred before operations can resume.  

Preparing for Summer Storm Season

Keep an eye out for spring run-off on your sidewalks, walkways, and ground area next to your home. Downspouts that have been put up over the winter should be dropped down to drain the water run-off away from your home. Doing this will save you many headaches as we roll into summer storm season.

Switch on Your Sump Pump

If you haven’t already, please check on your sump pump to make sure it’s ready for the season by unplugging both plugs on the outlet by your pump, then only plug in the one for the pump. This action should turn on your sump pump immediately, then you can reconnect the other plug.  Also, be sure to unscrew the sump lid and check inside to see that the float is not tangled.

Let’s Talk About Landscaping

There ain’t no appeal like curb appeal! Landscaping is the final piece of the puzzle when it comes to making your house a home, so when the weather warms up and seasonal work starts, it’s natural to get super excited about what’s to come! Landscaping is a process though, and the work must follow a schedule to avoid any issues with the drainage plan or damage to the lot. Check out our blog post on a typical landscaping timeline to learn more about the process.

You can also find some helpful information about lot grading on the City of Edmonton website!