Home Designs that Inspire

From modern to contemporary, traditional to rustic, and everything in between, get inspired to build and style your
personalized home from our selection of gallery photos below.


Parkwood Master Builder is also a proud recipient of the:



Newport II Ensuite

Yellowstone Park Royale II Ensuite

Westport Ensuite

Alexandria Ensuite

Presley Ensuite

Full House Lottery 2022 Ensuite

Full House Lottery 2020 Ensuite

Kanso Ensuite

Presley Master Bedroom

Westport Master Bedroom

Alexandria Master Bedroom

Pearce Master Bedroom

Yellowstone Park Royale II Master Bedroom

Full House Lottery 2022 Master Bedroom

Full House Lottery 2020 Master Bedroom

Kanso Walnut Pivot Doors

Full House Lottery 2020 Butler’s Pantry

Full House Lottery 2020 Glass Dining Room

Full House Lottery 2020 Wine Cellar

Full House Lottery 2020 Powder Room

Westport Fireplace Wall Feature

Kanso Atrium

Full House Lottery 2022 Coffee Bar

Westport Integrated Appliances

Presley Great Room

Westport Great Room

Alexandria Great Room

Yellowstone Park Royale II Great Room

Pearce Great Room

Newport II Great Room

Full House Lottery 2022 Great Room

Full House Lottery 2020 Great Room

Westport Kitchen

Newport II Kitchen

Pearce Kitchen

Alexandria Kitchen

Full House Lottery 2022 Kitchen

Full House Lottery 2020 Kitchen

Kanso Kitchen

Yellowstone Park Royale II Kitchen

Alexandria Bonus Room

Westport Bonus Room

Pearce Bonus Room

Presley Bonus Room

Full House Lottery 2022 Dining Room

Kanso Dining Room

Westport Dining Nook

Pearce Dining Nook