Warranty Coverage

Rest easy knowing that your Parkwood home comes with a comprehensive warranty plan and a dedicated service team.

Warranty coverage

Alberta New Home Warranty

Being a member of the Alberta New Home Warranty Program for 25 years is your added assurance, in writing, of an experience that’s positive and secure from the outset. You can purchase with confidence knowing you’re covered by the best new home purchaser protection in Canada!

If you would like more information on Parkwood’s Warranty and Service Coverage, please contact your nearest Area Manager.

Warranty coverage on all Parkwood homes includes:

one year

Workmanship & Material Warranty to ensure your home is running efficiently and to our high standards. This takes care of issues with the way your home was built or the materials it was built with, such as flooring and trim.

two year

For your home’s Delivery & Distribution Systems including heating, electrical and plumbing

five year

Building Envelope Warranty on the exterior shell of the home, including the roof and walls

ten year

Structural Warranty for load bearing compenents of the home, such as the frame and foundation

Are you a Parkwood homeowner with a question for our Service and Warranty team?

Contact warranty@parkwoodhomes.ca or submit your question below: