Looking to save on your monthly home utility bills? Who isn’t!

Whether it’s water, electricity, or heating – saving on your utilities not only helps your wallet but the environment too. In celebration of Earth Day and in the spirit of going green (while saving you some green) we have comprised a list of some of the top ways you can save resources and money with your home’s utilities simply by making the following simple changes:



  • Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth or washing dishes
  • Shorten showers by two minutes
  • Run full loads in the dishwasher and washing machine (saving money on electricity too!)
  • Wash laundry in cold water
  • Install high efficiency toilets (a standard inclusion in all Parkwood homes)
  • Choose low-flow, high efficiency appliance options
  • Only water outside when truly needed, and avoid doing so during the heat of the day (best times are before 8:00am and after 8:00pm)
  • Install rain barrels on your downspouts to collect water for lawn care and gardening to save on using the exterior tap




With these helpful and cost-saving tips you’re sure to see a drop in your water and power usage – which will make your wallet, and the earth, happy! If you are considering a more efficient and environment friendly home, contact us today to start building your dream home!