Homeowner Feature - Nicole McNeill

March 19, 2016

We sat down with one of our newest homeowners, Nicole McNeill, successful entrepreneur and co-owner of one of Edmontons most premier Bridal Boutiques, Delica. Here is a glimpse into her Parkwood Experience and her stunning new Avalon home!

What were some of your inspirations behind your design and decor choices in your home?

Since this is my first home, I really wanted to make it my own. A home & how you decorate it is reflective of the person living in it & I wanted to have fun with the design process. I decided to do a neutral background palette with white walls and grey floors. I brought in bold pops of color with my furniture and decor. Gold can been found throughout the house as an accent. It is kind of eclectic in a way. I want people to walk into my home and think “This is so Nicole” when they see it!

What’s your favorite architectural feature of your home?

My favorite architectural feature is the ceiling arch which separates the entrance from the living room and kitchen. Because it is an open concept home, the arch separates the two rooms without closing it off. The vaulted ceiling in the bonus room is also a nice design detail which adds character to the room.

What were your “must- haves” when building a new home?

I had lots of must-haves when it came to the interiors. Parkwood was so accommodating and was able to make my vision come to life. I absolutely needed a nice open kitchen, a walk-in closet and a standing soaker tub (which I got all three- yay!). Parkwood was great at making little changes to the floor plan to better suit my needs. After seeing other showhomes, I felt the master walk-in closets were a little too small for what I needed. Knowing this, the Parkwood team made the suggestion of extending the closet by two feet, which made a huge difference!

What’s your favorite room in your Parkwood home?

I love my kitchen. The best part of the kitchen is the extended island- it gives me so much space to cook (when I actually do cook!) and to entertain. Plus- who doesn’t love a white kitchen right now? My white cabinets make me happy.

Why did you choose Parkwood over the other builders in your subdivision?

I initially was drawn to Parkwood because of their Avalon showhome in Keswick. It was exactly what I was looking for: open concept, the perfect square footage for what I needed and I was able to make a few changes to the floor plan if I wished to. Parkwood offers several different options when it came to designing the interior and exterior of the house. I got to pick all of my colors, flooring, cabinets, hardware, etc. This customization element and being able to make the house “my own” was perfect for me. I also did some research on Parkwood before purchasing and looked into some of their online reviews. Their previous customers were all satisfied and raved about Parkwoods customer service and craftsmanship.

What was the selection and build process like for you? Give us some insight for potential Parkwood customers!

The selection and building process went very smooth from beginning to end. I had no idea what to expect while building a home & Parkwood made the entire building experience comfortable and easy. At my first meeting with Parkwood, I was told exactly what to anticipate and what happens at each stage of the building process. This meeting was the most beneficial. It gave me insight into all of the steps that go into building a home. Parkwood has a structured process and it works. The next step was picking out my interior selections. Parkwood gave me a list of contacts and all I had to do was call each vendor and set up a meeting. Every vendor on the list was excellent! They were all very accommodating and had a variety of options for me to chose from. After all of my selections were done, Parkwood began to build my home. Months passed and we had a few walk-through meetings. It was exciting to see everything come together.

What advice would you give to other first timers building a house?

Build with Parkwood! Right from the time of purchase through to the time I moved in, everyone was so welcoming & I felt like I was part of their family. Parkwood made the process so smooth and easy. I had no issues and didn’t have to stress about anything! It was an amazing experience and would recommend everyone to build with Parkwood.

In your mind, what sets Parkwood apart from other home builders?

Parkwood’s service from beginning to end was exceptional. They really go above and beyond for their customers. On my possession date, several of the Parkwood team-members that I had worked with throughout the building and design process were there to greet me & congratulate me in my new home. I felt so special! It was an experience that I will always remember and I am so happy that I chose Parkwood to build my first home!

Thank you SO Much to Nicole for welcoming us into your home and sharing your Parkwood Experience! We LOVE our homeowners!

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