Your home is your exhale.

It’s where you wake up after a good sleep, it’s where you unwind after a long day, it’s where you find peace and exhale after escaping the wild world outside your front door. Because not many of us are actually “coming home” after the workday due to work-from-home protocols, creating a calming, tranquil atmosphere in your space is more important than ever. 

Keeping Your Home Cozy in 2020

Here are some ways you could Hygge up your home this season so you can relax and unwind once your remote desktop is powered down for the day. 

Revamp your Decor with Textures and Layering

Transform your home into the ultimate hibernation station by mixing neutral textiles into your home decor! Not only will this refresh your favourite space, but it will also feel cozy and inviting through the winter. Here’s what we recommend:

  • textured throws
  • layered area rugs 
  • chunky knit pillows 
  • a touch of velvet
Bring Your Green Thumb Indoors

With the impending frost looming over gardens everywhere, consider amping up your indoor plant roster to create a lush oasis right in your home! Here’s how creating your own plant sanctuary can keep you feeling at ease throughout the day:

  • Studies have shown that houseplants can improve concentration and productivity, reduce stress levels and boost your mood.
  • Indoor plants can actually help nix those nasty airborne toxins and pollutants from the air such as formaldehyde, benzene and acetone, to improve indoor air quality (based on type and size of plant).
  • Adding more greenery to your home decor can increase humidity, reduce noise and create a more pleasant atmosphere. You can even opt for low-maintenance plants like succulents and cacti if you’re looking to make a big impact in small places.  
Let There Be (Less) Light

Embrace the cozy culture by leaving the lighting to strategically placed lamps rather than your ceiling lights to illuminate your space with multi-dimensional warmth. Other light sources to Hygge up your home could include candles (traditional or battery-powered flameless varieties) and even twinkly lights placed in understated areas of the comfiest rooms in your home.

Your home is your exhale. And since we’re all spending so much time there this year, be sure to give it some much-deserved TLC to maximize comfort and peace of mind in your cozy sanctuary.