Our Process

Since we personally know all of our customers by name, we can ensure that your Parkwood home is built with you in mind, in a timely, straightforward and professional manner.

The personalized service you receive throughout your home building process, with your Area Sales Manager, Interior Designer, Construction Team and Service Personnel, ensures that your home is built the way you want it.

1. Select Your Home

Style & Location – Once you’ve chosen your home style and location with your Area Sales Manager, they will help you obtain mortgage financing with one of our approved financial institutions. As well, they will discuss with you any design requirements you may want to consider to personalize your new home.

Deposit & Purchase – Upon selection of your home design, a deposit will need to be made, together with the signing of a Purchase Agreement.

Setting up a Mortgage – Once your Purchase Agreement has been accepted, your mortgage paperwork will need to be completed and submitted by your financial institution.

2. Design

Personalize Your Home (Exterior) – Book an appointment to visit our state of the art Design Studio and select the finishing features for the exterior of your home with our accredited Interior Design Consultant. We offer a 2 hour exterior home consultation; choose your colours, stone, window grills and then customize the exterior with magnificent, professionally designed detailing.

Pre-Construction Meeting – Once your house plans are drawn, you will meet with our Construction Manager and your Area Sales Manager to go through the plans in detail, ensuring your home is exactly to your liking. At this point you will also review your electrical plan and the low voltage structural wiring needs for your home.

Personalizing Your Home (Interior – The fun part!) – In addition to the exterior appointment, we offer a 3 hour design consultation to help you select your interior finishing features such as paint colors, cabinets, flooring, countertops, lighting and fixtures.

3. Visits

Framing Tour – Meet with the Field Supervisor to tour your home when framing is complete.

Electrical – Meet with the Electrician to review the lighting and electrical installation, ensuring your satisfaction.

More visits? – Additional pre-scheduled visits are available with your Area Sales Manager.

4. Completion

Completion Date – The completion date will be confirmed via letter, 35 days before possession.

Final Documentation – The legal documents and final statement of adjustments are prepared. This will notify you of any funds you need to bring to the final signing with the lawyers. If you use our Lawyer, your legal fees and disbursements are included in the house price.

City Inspection – Once the City has provided your home’s final inspection, your home will be nearly ready for you to move in and enjoy!

Pre-Occupancy Tour – One week prior to your possession, the Site Supervisor will take you on a tour of the home. Any additional attention required at this stage will be addressed for completion.

5. Welcome Home!

Final Tour – Your building team will take you through your new home at possession.

Quality Assurance – Within 3 weeks of your possession, our Quality Assurance Supervisor will come to your new home and show you how to care and maintain your beautiful new home. Every Parkwood home is covered by a comprehensive, one year warranty for workmanship and material, which ensures your home, is running efficiently and to our high standards. We also provide you with a 2 year warranty on your home’s delivery and distribution systems. A 5 year building envelope warranty and a 10 year Structural Warranty through the Alberta New Home Warranty Program.

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