Eco-Friendly Building

Parkwood is proud to build environmentally conscious homes.

Our selection of eco-friendly products not only reduces the impact we have on the environment, but also helps you save money in the long run.

We use the following eco-friendly products:

  • High Efficiency Direct Vent Furnace complete with flow-through humidifier, programmable thermostat and passive HRV system.
  • Power vented sealed combustion hot water tank which shields Carbon Monoxide gases from entering the home and costs up to 50% less than traditional hot water tanks to operate.
  • Ultra Low Flush Toilets reducing water consumption by as much as 50%.
  • Low E double glazed or triple glazed maintenance-free ENERGY STAR windows. These save energy by insulating better than standard windows, making the home more comfortable all year round, reducing outside noise and resulting in less condensation forming on the window in cold weather.
  • Insulated overhead garage door with smooth panels.

Moisture Smart

Parkwood Master Builder is committed to controlling moisture issues at each stage of construction.

Our Moisture Control Technicians (MCT) approach moisture issues in a methodical manner to manage the mechanical, chemical and biological processes that can degrade building components – from footings to eavestroughs; inside and outside. Our MCTs will also educate you on surface water management, lot grades, drainage features on your property, maintenance issues and sources of moisture from within your home to keep it running Moisture Smart.


Our BuiltGreen™ homes give homeowners and their families a sense of pride and well-being; not only does their home have a low impact on the environment, it also allows for cost savings and healthier living. We are continually working on better ways to help our environment at no extra cost to our home owners.

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