Considering an infill build and are unsure of where to begin? We’ve laid out a few of the key points to inform and guide you when preparing to build a custom infill home in Edmonton.

As our city grows and expands in the suburbs, the need and desire to live in older, developed and established communities has become ever more popular. Building an infill home in a mature Edmonton neighbourhood allows for the unification of a new home built to the standards and specifications of the homebuyer, in a unique and developed Edmonton community, with a great return on investment. 

Thinking of Building an Infill?

Here are a few steps to help you prepare for the build:

  • Decide on your preferred location and the size of your new home. Using a realtor can better narrow down your search and their expertise can ensure you get the right lot to suit the style and size of home you want to build.
  • When looking at potential infill lots for your home, be sure to consider: the way the lot slopes, the direction of the rear of the house (typically west or south back yards are more popular), and if there are mature trees on the property (sometimes the City requires that certain trees remain, which could affect the design plans).
  • If considering a front driveway, check for electrical transformer boxes, boulevard trees or hydrants which are often found in mature neighbourhoods. These could affect the ability to put in or the location of a front driveway (note also that if the lot you are considering has an existing rear alley, it is extremely difficult to even have a front driveway as the City encourages that garages be accessed from that rear alley).
  • Be sure to also take into account the Mature Neighbourhood Overlay as there are guidelines that need to be adhered to in older neighbourhoods. However, there are sometimes justifiable variances that can be presented to Development Officers when applying for a Development Permit if your house design cannot or does not meet all of the MNO requirements.

Ready to Build an Infill?

Once you have found and decided on your lot you will need to:

  • Have your dream home designed. Parkwood Master Builder has the expertise and experience to work with you on the design of your infill home and can guide you through the process to ensure that your end goals are achieved.
  • Apply for a Developing Permit. This will review what you want to do on the lot and ensures that it meets the zoning requirements for that property. This is a process that could take up to several months depending upon the complexities involved. You will need Outline Drawings, Floor Plans, Elevations, Sections, Lot Grading Report and a Plot Plan showing the house on the location; all items that can be provided and advised upon by Parkwood Master Builder for our customers.
  • If there is an existing house on the property that needs to be removed, Parkwood would also apply for a Demolition Permit at the same time (ensuring utility services are disconnected & a Hazardous Assessment is conducted).
  • After review, a City Development Officer will inform you if anything is missing or if there are any objections from the City. At that time your Builder/Designer can justify the variances or make the changes required by the City.
  • If there aren’t any variances required, you will be issued a Class A Development Permit. This allows the project to proceed without any further delays.
  • If there are variances, it is considered a Class B Development Permit and the variances would be circulated to neighbours within a 60m radius of your property for review. This will add an additional 3-4 weeks. At this time, neighbours have the opportunity to object to the proposed development, if they so choose. If there are objections raised, the application would then go to the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB) for a hearing, which can add about another month to the process. The SDAB will then decide if the objections are justified or if the development should proceed as approved.
  • When you finally have a Development Permit your house is ready to be excavated and the basement can be poured. At this time, the Building Permit process will begin which then needs to be approved before the rest of the construction of your dream home can begin. 

In building and designing your very own infill home, the opportunity to be creative, unique, and innovative will come in to play, allowing you to truly personalize the home in your desired and beloved community. Working with our Parkwood in-house Home Designer, Interior Designer, and the rest of our design team, we can take your vision, ideas, and requirements to build the infill home of your dreams in your ideal location. Want to find out more? Connect with us at

For more information on the City of Edmonton requirements for building an infill home, please visit their infill website.