While we love building personalized homes from start to finish for our customers, we are also very proud of the high-quality quick possessions we build. Whether you are buying your first home or simply relocating to better suit your needs, consider the benefits of choosing a quick possession home.

What is a Quick Possession?

Quick possessions are homes that we build to spec in an effort to show off the many versatile models we’ve designed for our customers. Quick possessions are built with the same high-quality materials and finishes we select for personalized builds, with the difference being that they aren’t built for a specific customer.

So, why choose a quick possession home over a personalized build? Let’s talk about the top five benefits of buying new as compared to starting from scratch.

Five Benefits of Buying a Quick Possession

  1. A Faster Move-in Time: Quick possession homes offer the perks of buying a brand-new home without the time commitment of a new build. You can also plan for your move, because since you may know right off the bat when your home will be ready, you can eliminate any possession obstacles that may pop up during a new build.

  1. Appealing Mortgage Rates: Because many quick possession homes offer less than 90-day possession timelines, you have the ability to utilize some of the lowest offered mortgage rates from most banks. Plus, now is an excellent time to buy with mortgage rates at a 10-year low!

  1. Plenty of Promotions: Builders generally want to sell quick possession homes as quickly as they can, which is why you will often see promotions offering incentives and/or discounts with the purchase of a quick possession home. Our Summer Comes Standard promotion is on until March 30th!

  1. Room for Personalization: If you’ve fallen in love with a quick possession home and it is not quite finished, you may still be able to select certain interior items; it is truly the perfect blend of building new and personalizing your home.

  1. A Brand-new Build on Your Terms: Rather than buying a pre-owned house that has already been lived in for many years, choosing a quick possession home gives you an opportunity to see the finished product (without waiting in anticipation for it to be built from the ground, up). Plus, you will be able to move in within a few weeks and still enjoy that new home feel.


Quick possessions give folks a unique opportunity to experience the excitement and exclusivity of moving into a brand-new home while offering the convenience of a faster move-in timeline and the flexibility to personalize the interiors. If you are interested in viewing some of our quick possession homes, connect with us today! We would be happy to help you set up a walkthrough.